My paintings are a response to my immediate environment, whether at home in Lincolnshire; from my travels; a response to something I have read; the news or personal life events - nothing is off limits.

My first love is the landscape and the natural world and recent works are a very personal response to a particular place and set of circumstances when Burghley House, Lake and Sculpture Gardens near Stamford in South Lincolnshire became a place of refuge and reflection. This new series of painting began with research in late winter and will continue with research visits for the rest of 2022, culminating in a series of paintings.

Sometimes you can disappear down a blind alley and grind to a halt. The Blind Alley series is a response to reading an exciting book about the chaos and development of England and the Monarchy which left me itching to respond in paint - strange because I have never been particularly interested in history. I made a start and world events began to unfold that left me questioning why I was painting a subject that could be seen as glorifying or trivialising war. First the US and UK pulled out of Afghanistan, then Prince Phillip died leaving much debate about the future of the Monarchy, then the horrific war in the Ukraine began to unfold and I found that I could not continue with this work for the time being. This work was an interesting departure from my more usual subjects and will be continued later this year.

I hope you viewing seeing my work.


I was born in West Germany to an RAF family and spent much of my younger life living in the UK and abroad, eventually settling in rural Lincolnshire where I have my painting studio.

One of the first people who could study for a degree in Lincolnshire I attended De Montfort University in Lincoln as a mature student intending to concentrate on sculptural work. However, painting baffled me and became the challenge I wanted to know more about, becoming a lifetime's journey. I also studied printmaking and have recently began to re-explore sculptural ceramics and have 3 pieces on display in August and September 2022 in a small exhibition at The National Craft and Design Centre in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. My 3 pieces are influenced by the pear paintings of Euan Uglow.