The Paintings

Gail's paintings are her reaction to her immediate environment, whether at home in Lincolnshire; from her travels; a response to something she has read; the news - nothing is off limits.

Ambiguous Histories

A new body of work for Gail is a colourful and excited response to a book about the chaotic and turbulent history of the United Kingdom, read during recent turbulent and chaotic political and Covid times - an on-going project explored in paint and eventually into printmaking. This may be a blind alley but a venture that needs to be undertaken.


Exploring her immediate environment, wherever that is, Gail's vibrant and thoughtful paintings explore the idea and experience of the "rural". Her artistic process utilises oil paint; acrylic paint; watercolour or a mishmash of media.

Gail is a Lincolnshire based painter and printmaker who, since graduating with a BA (Hons) Fine Art from De Montfort University in 2000, has exhibited her work in England, including the Mall Galleries in London.