I have recently rediscovered my love of ceramics and started creating again, hand building using coiling with stoneware clay or creating pinch pots using porcelain paper clay.  

These are very early days and I am currently enjoying exploring glaze techniques, building a test library that I hope to develop into finished works. I particularly intend to explore my love of texture and colour.  I  attend advanced sessions at the Hub, Sleaford (National Centre for Craft and Design) so I can use their facilities and kiln whilst mining the knowledge of a very patient Marion Sander and others.

"Uglow's Pears", Stoneware.  

Three pears inspired by a painting by Euan Uglow and the colours used.   These pears were in a small window exhibition at the National Craft and Design Centre, also known as The Hub in July 2022.

A large stoneware, hand coiled, pot measuring  27.5cms in height.  Exploring the intermixing of colour during the glaze and firing process.

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