Blind Alleys

Sometimes you disappear down a blind alley and grind to a halt. This work is a response to reading a book about the chaos and development of England and the Monarchy which left me itching to respond in paint - strange because I have never been particularly interested in history.

I made a start and world events began to unfold that left me questioning why I was painting a subject in a way that could be seen as glorifying or trivialising war. First the US and UK pulled out of Afghanistan, then Prince Phillip died leaving much debate about the future of the Monarchy, then the horrific war in the Ukraine began to unfold and I found that I could not continue with this work .

Who knows, maybe I will return to this once day, I may not. At the least it was an interesting departure from my more usual subjects and may, one day, resurface in a different guise.

"Thank you Mr Starkey", Mixed Media on cradled panel

"Aftermath", Acrylic on cradled panel

"Battle", Acrylic on cradled panel

"Shadow Queen", Acrylic on paper

Queen Study, Acrylic on media board